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"Scrota Contra Vota" (2000-) is a form of radical political comment for 50 percent of the elective population.

Your scrotum counts!

Attention, male individuals (biological and/or gender)! Please undress and sit down on a flat bed scanner and scan your scrotum. Anatomize the hi-res JPEG to monochrom via email. As a form of protest, monochrom reserves the right to send these digital images to various public people of political interest.

From time to time we offer hygienic scan stations.

Scan Station Stadtpark Gallery/Krems/Austria, 2001


Scan Station Tanzquartier Vienna/Austria (ICH.LOGO.HIER.EINFÜGEN), 2005

Scan Station Roböxotica Festival Vienna/Austria (Roböxotica), 2005

Last public demonstration of scan station was held at the Big Brother Awards 2010 at Rabenhof in Vienna (October 25, 2010)

Upcoming public scan sessions: TBA

Polit-Scrota Image Count: 34


"Scrota Contra Vota" was awarded with the NEBAPOMIC 2000 (Network-based Political Minimalism Counteraction Award) for the sub-category "Right-Wing European Mini States".

"Scrota Contra Vota" is a registered resistance mark (RR).