1. Garz (feat. Der Schwimmer)
2. Waun i schiaß revisited (feat. Max Of Prey)
3. eBay the Force (feat. Hans Nieswandt)
4. Could It Be
5. Der Oxo Raster. An Electronical Palimpsest (feat. Electronič)
6. Die wichtigsten Gründe
7. Killing Capitalism With Christmas (feat. Gerald Votava and GameJew)
8. Flowers (feat. Matthias Kertal)
9. Farewell To Overhead (Which Was A Popular School Broadcasting Technique Back In The Old Days)
10. Hello Lando
11. Lidl-Girl
12. Let’s Network It Out (Flat Nashville Hierarchy Version)
13. myfacespace.com (feat. GameJew)
14. Im söbn Boot (feat. Gegenstimmen)
15. Die oide Celtic Frost
16. Die Moritat von Paratii
17. “Tonki Gebauer: Song“ (Excerpt)


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