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Force Sting to appear
for a bad cause!

"Music was his first mistake
and it will be his last!"


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This initiative is intended to force the rock singer "Sting" ("Russians love their children too") to appear for a bad cause (e.g. skinning seal babies, atomic energy in Eastern Europe, total extinction of species, sterilization of lefties, excessive packaging; Windows XP presentations are harmless). For this cause we want to offer him a sum of money so high that he cannot refuse. Thus we need your support.

Please transfer donations for this cause to the monochrom account IBAN: AT741200003793537600 (Bank Austria: BKAUATWW) with the remark "Spaceship Earth". Or: Paypal. At your request we would be happy to provide a tax-deductible receipt.
Every Euro helps.

Coming soon: We'll be forcing German hiphop to its knees.

We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing